Maracaibo Coming to Digital!

How about a little news for the last day of my vacation?

*sniff* Sorry, let me just absorb that sentence again. *sob*

Anyway, yesterday it was announced that Maracaibo, a 2019 game published by Board & Dice, designed by Alexander Pfister with art by Fiore GmbH and  Aline Kirrmann, is going to be coming to Android and iOS this year! (No word on Steam, which is surprising).

The digital adaptation will be designed by a pretty new company, Spiralburst Studio (makers of the Hexicon strategy word game on portable devices).

This game has intrigued me for a while but I’ve never actually seen it on the table yet (it was played at least once at one of our game days but I was playing something else unfortunately).

What is the game?

Let’s blurb this because, as I’ve said many times before, I’ve never played this one.

Maracaibo, the new strategy game for 1-4 players by Alexander Pfister, is set in the Caribbean during the 17th century. The players try to increase their influence in three nations in four rounds with a play time of 40 minutes per player.

The players sail on a round course through the Caribbean, e.g., you have city tiles where you are able to perform various actions or deliver goods to. One special feature is an implemented quest mode over more and various tiles, which tells the player, who chase after it, a little story.

As a player, you move with your ship around the course, managing it by using cards like in other games from Alexander Pfister.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

I’ve heard that if you like Great Western Trail (and I do like it), you’ll like this one.

I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we?

Here’s a teaser screen shot that was also in the email from Board & Dice games.

Pfister is a highly-regarded designer and the game itself does sound really intriguing. There’s even a campaign option for the board game (or at least a “story” option).

I’m assuming that will also make it into the digital version, but who knows?

There was hardly any information in the release.

But I’m signed up for their newsletter now so when more stuff comes, I’ll let you know!

I think this will (hopefully) be a good way to learn the game and then maybe I’ll actually get it to the table one of these days.

Do you like Maracaibo? Excited about this news?

Let me know in the comments.

And for those of you who are wondering, with the ending of my vacation, I should be getting back to normal blogging patterns. The next in the Top 200 series should be up next week sometime, as well as possibly a review of the new Roll for the Galaxy app (I did a first impressions of the beta but it’s now in full release) and an actual “New to Me” game post!

Keep your eyes peeled, and thanks for staying with me.

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