City of Crowns – Paladins of the West Kingdom Expansion – On Kickstarter in feb 2021

(Edit 2/16/21 – It’s now live! Go here and back it now. )

(Edit 2/3/21 – The Kickstarter launch date has now been confirmed as February 16!)

Two posts in one day is very rare for this blogger, but I had to get this one out there because I’m so excited.

On the heels of mentioning the Works of Wonders expansion for Architects of the West Kingdom, I get the Kickstarter update from Garphill Games that talks about some upcoming stuff.

And there’s news that I love to see in there!

The City of Crowns expansion for Paladins of the West Kingdom is coming to Kickstarter in February 2021!

I knew it was coming (I’ve been subscribed to the BGG page for a little while now) but I think this is the first time an actual date (well, month anyway) has been announced.

What does the expansion add?

Let’s blurb the BGG page.

“In Paladins of the West Kingdom: City of Crowns, noble allies have responded to the recent attacks against our borders. Only through careful negotiation and diplomacy will these dukes, barons, counts and margraves offer the aid we so desperately need. Will you be able to muster enough support to once again defend this great city, or will you crumble beneath the weight of indecision and apathy?”

The expansion will add extensions to both your player board as well as the main board, giving you more choices and more to do.

This was uploaded to BGG by Shem Phillips

Co-designer Shem Phillips has posted a few pictures to BGG to whet our whistles. This one is of the player board extension. Check out the game page for more, including some new cards. They are juicy!

This is an insta-back for me as Paladins of the West Kingdom is one of my favourite games.

The Kickstarter update also mentions that the Works of Wonder expansion for Architects along with a Big Box (hopefully that means no more expansions?) should be hitting Kickstarter in the middle of the year. Perhaps even with the first expansion to Viscounts of the West Kingdom? Though that may not be in 2021, it would be very cool to have both expansions in the same Kickstarter campaign.

This news had me drooling.

What about you? Are you anticipating this one? Perhaps with a bit less water involved?

Let me know in the comments.

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