Radlands by Roxley Games – Now on Kickstarter

Another day, another Kickstarter!

I’m a sucker for quick 2-player card games that can be played at work. I already backed one of them previously, and here’s another!

Radlands is a 2-player card game published by Roxley Games. It’s designed by Daniel Piechnick with art by Damien Mammoliti and Manny Trembley.

This hit Kickstarter yesterday and it’s already funded.

How could it not be given Roxley’s track record along with the design pedigree of Piechnick?

All pictures are from the Kickstarter page.

The game takes place after an Apocalypse (no word if it’s like one of the Umbrella Academy apocalypses or not) where water is the most treasured resource and your gang is trying to be the dominant one in the land.

The artwork looks phenomenal on this one, almost a techno-wasteland type vibe. Each player will have three camps and will deploy cards to try and either defend their camps or attack the other player’s camps.

You can play Events that will trigger after a certain number of turns, and those events will be pretty nasty for your opponent.

The game just looks really cool. It plays in 20-40 minutes, which again makes it a perfect lunch-time game. The decisions look meaty and the cards just look phenomenal.

How can you go wrong with cards that you can bend any which way and they will go back to normal.

Without sleeves????

Apparently these cards are only going to be available from the Kickstarter, so retail will get normal cards I guess?

I’m ok with that.

Let’s blurb the description from BGG, but you can also find a lot more detail on the Kickstarter page.

“Act as the leader of your post apocalyptic group of survivors in a tooth-and-nail fight to protect your three camps from a vicious rival tribe. If all of them are destroyed, you lose the game.

The main resource in the game is water. You will spend it to play people and events, and to use the abilities of cards you already have on the table. People protect your camps and provide useful abilities, while events are powerful effects that take time to pay off.

Both players draw cards from the same deck. All cards can either be played to the table or discarded for quick “junk” effects. To win, you will need to manage your cards and water wisely.”

The cards look psychedelic, which I could definitely use in these COVID times.

For $50 CDN ($40 US, so the CDN price may fluctuate), you can get the game by itself. For $25 CDN ($20 US, so again maybe more for us Canadians at the end) more, you can get a deluxe edition with two playmats.

It’s great to have another affordable Kickstarter out there, and I backed this yesterday with no regrets.

Fulfillment by September is even better!

Yes, Kickstarter fulfillment estimates may fluctuate, especially right now, but that’s still pretty cool.

Check out the Kickstarter page and let me know what you think. Are you a backer too?

Do you look forward to bending your cards all over the place and having them bounce back good as new?

I know I am.

Back it by February 12 and you may also be the most psychedelic person after the Apocalypse.

4 Comments on “Radlands by Roxley Games – Now on Kickstarter

  1. Thanks for the tip! Love the art, and the gameplay looks promising. But $40 US for a 2-player card game seems high to me. Plus postage.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yeah, it is a bit high. I can understand the hesitancy. I’m sure it’s due to the “deluxified” components (the cards won’t have that sturdiness in the retail game, I would bet), but still…

      Liked by 2 people

    • One great thing about this is that as a short, 2-player game, it will be super easy to find time and players to play it. Invite one person to come early/stay late on game night. It’s those big, long games that end up getting the fewest plays. I just backed this for the above reasons, and of course, because it looks fun.

      Liked by 2 people

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