Combat Commander: Europe on the P500 list!

A rare double post for me (and that makes 6 this week!).

Also a rare Friday night post.

But I couldn’t hold my excitement until Monday.

I just read the GMT Games April Update and my eyes almost bugged out.

Combat Commander: Europe is on the P500 list for a 5th reprint!

Those who follow me on Twitter know that this game is my latest obsession.

My good friend Michal, from the Boardgame Chronicle, has been playing through the game’s scenarios with me on VASSAL (as you’ve seen on this blog as well!) and I am loving this game to death.

So much so that I’ve bought all of the scenario packs (knowing that they will eventually be useful and may go out of print in the meantime) as well as Combat Commander: Pacific. I’ve also put myself on the P500 for the other two expansions, Combat Commander: Mediterranean and Combat Commander: Resistance.

The only thing that was missing was the base game.

And now it’s not.

That German mortar is actually Soviet, captured by them – this picture was posted by Michal

Here’s the set up for our latest scenario, Bessarabian Nights, where the Soviets (me) have to set up randomly all over the map and then the Germans have to set up in a line of contiguous hexes.

The designer of the game, Chad Jensen, sadly died a little while ago and I think GMT has said that they will be keeping this game in print to some extent, so I’m hoping that it won’t have to reach the 500 order level before it actually goes into production.

I was the 4th one on the order list and we’re already up to 8. Let’s hope it moves quickly, or GMT decides to put it into production anyway.

What a great way to celebrate a Friday!

I hope you have a good weekend.

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