The Fox in the Forest Goes Electronic From Dire Wolf Digital

A rare double post day, but when you discover some news right after your scheduled post for the day goes out, you have to do it!

Dire Wolf Digital announced today that on Monday, October 18, they are releasing the really great 2-player trick-taking game, The Fox in the Forest to PC, phones and tablets!

How is that not a good thing?

I reviewed the card game so hearing this news just made my mouth water.

Dire Wolf already has a great history with apps, from Raiders of the North Sea to Root to Sagrada and so many others.

This is taken from the news page.

If you’re curious, you can see how to play by clicking on my review. It is an excellent 2-player game, though. I love how you’re trying to take a bunch of tricks but not too many. If you get greedy and take them all, you won’t score anything.

Will it have asynchronous play?

It’s Dire Wolf, so probably.

Does it need it?

It’s nice to have the option, as always. I will love it if it’s in there.

But it’s a quick game and logging into the app just to play one card (and maybe two if you win the trick) does seem like it might get tedious.

But people do it!

Hell, I do it, and probably will with this one too.

Very cool that Dire Wolf Digital is doing this one.

You can wishlist it on Steam (Edit: it appears to be $6.99) and pre-order it on iOS right now ($4.99 US) and it will be available on both platforms and Android on Monday, October 18.

What do you think of this one? Are you excited?

Let me know in the comments.

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