Viscounts of the West Kingdom expansion on Kickstarter January 11, 2022

(Edit 1/11/22: The Kickstarter is now live!)

Having just played Viscounts of the West Kingdom for the first time yesterday (after having it for over a year but then COVID lockdown hit), I was very excited to see this on Twitter yesterday.


I couldn’t remember if there was supposed to be an expansion for Viscounts but I figured there would be.

Instead, there are two expansions coming!

Also, given the Garphill Games track record, if they’re offering the Collector’s Box, then they won’t be doing any more expansions after the first one. They’re very good about that sort of thing.

After yesterday’s play, I’m not sure if it surpasses Architects of the West Kingdom for me or not, but I can see it possibly happening.

So to see new expansions for it coming out, that is very exciting news.

They are already on Boardgame Geek (Keeper of Keys and Gates of Gold) if you want to keep up with it as information comes.

But if I find out other stuff, you know I’ll be posting about it.

Sam Macdonald has confirmed on Boardgame Geek that this expansions will not add a 5th player.

(This is taken from the BGG page for Gates of Gold , uploaded by Shem Phillips)

There has also been confirmation of some new kind of card, called the “King’s Order.”

These cards look interesting! These are also from BGG uploaded by Shem Phillips

I’m not sure exactly what the new mechanism is for Keeper of Keys but the cards look cool!

I love that Shem and Sam are keeping this stuff coming.

With the second (and final) Architects of the West Kingdom expansion shipping in May (I backed that Kickstarter first day) and now this announcement, I am so happy!

Stay tuned for more news as I hear it.

Have you played this one, and what do you think of it? Are you excited for the expansion?

Let me know in the comments.

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