Unmatched: Digital Edition gets full release date with DLC timeline

(Edit: 2/28/23) – It’s out! I’ll be buying it when I get home so that I can play on my iPad and will definitely be checking out the season pass. Check out the review of the Early Access version to get an idea of how it works, with the caveat that there could have been changes since I wrote it, but I did write it only a couple of months ago.

Some exciting news from Acram Digital!

I was going to just add this to my review of the digital version of the great Unmatched game (boardgame published by Restoration Games) but this news is just too big to keep to that.

Yes, Unmatched: Digital Edition now has a release date from Early Access and onto other digital platforms!

It was announced today and the Steam page has been updated with everything you need.

Unmatched will be hitting iOS and Android, as well as leaving Early Access on Steam, on February 28, 2023.

Included with the announcement is a timeline for many of the DLC releases.

New characters! New maps! New fun!

In fact, when the game releases, they will be adding two characters (Beowulf and Little Red) and one map to the already excellent game.

The article has all of the character details (though if you’re familiar with the game, you already know all of that anyway). I’m not going to step on their toes by including it all here.

Ok, just one.

I’m looking forward to playing as Bigfoot in March.

If he hides, he gets to draw a card! (if at the end of his turn, no other character is in his zone, he gets to draw a card). He has 16 health, can move 3 and his Jackalope sidekick may be able to do all his fighting for him.

(I’m joking, of course…maybe).

As you can see from the timeline, the season pass will be available on February 28 too. This will get you all of the DLC for a discounted price over buying them all separately.

No word on pricing for the season pass, but the game itself is currently $22.79 CDN on Steam (sorry, my browser automatically converts the currency so I’m not sure how much that is US). I’ve been told by Acram Digital that this price will not go up when it leaves Early Access.

However, if you get it in Early Access, you will get special skins for all of the characters (even the free DLC characters that come when it goes live), so that’s an incentive to buy now!

Also no word on iOS and Android pricing, though my guess (totally uninformed so don’t quote me on it) is around $9.99 US.

Is this something you’ve been waiting for?

I can’t wait to get it on iOS (even though I already have it on Steam).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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