Teotihuacan Deluxe Coming to Kickstarter in April

(Edit 4/18/23) – and it’s now live! Go here to back it in whatever fashion you want.

Received the exciting news from Board & Dice this morning that one of their great games, Teotihuacan, is getting the Deluxe treatment in April.

In addition to having a storage solution that actually works rather than tons of different bags and boards scattered around, barely fitting into the base game box, this Deluxe version will have all new artwork as well.

This beauty will come with new art from artist Olek Zawada, deluxe bits, and all that good stuff.

In addition, if you already own everything (like I do), there will also be included the option of getting a “Beauty Pack” which will have the upgrades and deluxe components without actually getting the new game and expansions.

Details on that will be coming soon.

For a bonus, there’s a free add-on that will come with the Kickstarter if you subscribe to their Teotihuacan-specific newsletter.

Details on that here.

This is kind of exciting. I’m a bit burned out on “deluxe boxes” because they are hard to transport and get to game days, but we’ll see what happens when the Kickstarter goes live.

Keep an eye on the Board & Dice newsletter for more information as this approaches.

Are you excited?

I’m kind of wait and see, but the excitement is definitely there.

You know I’m signed up for the newsletter!

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