Marvel Legendary Update – 2023

(Edit 3/2/23) – The news is coming fast and furious (until Endgame releases, anyway). There’s a new blog post up! That was a surprise.

And it introduces the Thanos Mastermind along with the Infinity Stones villain group.

And yeah, Thanos is pretty badass.

There’s also a new scheme shown, which is Thanos’ attempt to reduce the population of the universe.

Finally, a couple more hero cards are shown, including another Bruce Banner one.

There’s also confirmation that the makeup of the Hero decks will once again be abnormal, with a 1/2/2/3/3/3 makeup from rares, uncommons and common cards.

And we have a release date! March 8 this will be available.

Of course I put it with another pre-order that won’t be shipping until July, but I still have to play the last few expansions, so the wait won’t kill me.

(Edit 2/28/23) – The Avengers: Endgame set isn’t even out yet and I just realized that they announced a while back (and there’s even a BGG page for it) the next expansion: Midnight Sons.

The information on the BGG page is from the solicit, so it’s probably true but it’s not necessarily true.

The set contains the normal 5 heroes, 2 Masterminds, 2 Villain groups, and 4 Schemes.

The heroes listed include Blade (already in the game so probably will have another affiliation), Morbius, and Werewolf by Night.

Here’s the box!

More later as things develop.

(Edit 2/23/23) – The third and final blog post is up!

This one reveals a new hero, a new villain group, and a new keyword.

The new hero is Captain Marvel (of course) and the new villain group is the Children of Thanos (which makes sense, considering Thanos was kind of big in the Avengers: Endgame movie.

The new keyword, though, sounds really interesting.

Endgame” comes into play when the villain deck is almost depleted (most of the time).

Whenever the villain deck has 8 or fewer cards left in it, this keyword is triggered.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be depleted, though, like when this Corvus Glaive card comes out.

If you happen to have some Endgame trigger cards in your hand, bonus!

This is the last blog post for this set. Usually this means the set’s release date is imminent, but no announcement about that yet.

Stay tuned for more when I know it!

(Edit 2/8/23) – The first edit of the year!

The second blog post for the Legendary: Marvel – Infinity Saga is up and it clarifies what exactly “Sacrifice” means.

Essentially, the keyword along with the class tag allows you to sacrifice (KO) the card and do the effect on the card.

So this Dr. Strange card will allow you to KO the card to take another turn and not have to turn over a Villain card. Combine this with the Phasing that other Dr. Strange cards have and you know something of what will be coming in that next hand.

Even one of the schemes brings a sacrifice to mind.

These look really neat and I’m looking forward to this expansion a lot.

Other cards are in the post so check it out!

More to come (and hopefully a release date!)

2022 was a busy year in the Marvel Legendary universe. A ton of expansions came out because of the backlog that was 2021.

This year, with the backlog cleared out, won’t be nearly as eventful.

But it will still be fun!

As I did last year, I’ll keep this post updated with news as I get it. Feel free to keep checking back!

This year’s first expansion release is an MCU expansion, which means it’s based on the Marvel movies with stills from the movies and not original artwork based on the comics.

Legendary: Marvel – Infinity Saga (no cover reveal yet!) will apparently be another 100-card set with 5 heroes, 2 Masterminds, 2 Villain Groups and 4 Schemes (so the standard).

From the card reveals, we definitely know that Dr. Strange and Black Panther are two of the Heroes.

If they keep to these 100-card expansions, will we ever see new Henchmen?

Anyway, there’s also no release date yet, but the first blog post is up!

The post doesn’t reveal much, but does show us that one keyword and one mechanic will be returning from previous sets: Phasing and Multiclass cards.

All card pics in this post are from Upper Deck blog posts. This card is from this one!

Phasing lets you swap it with the top card of your deck. If it’s useless to you right now (the Recruit won’t be enough to get a great card or the Fight won’t be enough to defeat anything), why not save it for next turn?

There are only two pictures in the post, so I won’t use the other one (go check it out!) but the return of multiclass cards is always interesting.

Once again, all of Black Panther’s cards are multiclass, which reflects his skill, but each Hero will have at least one multiclass card.

Multiclass cards count as both classes when you reveal them or play them.

Interestingly, the three cards shown in the post are from the Infinity War movie, and say that on the cards themselves. However, the Infinity Saga is both movies (that and Endgame).

I’m assuming any cards with stills from Endgame will say that instead?

The mind boggles!

Ok, not really. It’s almost a certainty, and it doesn’t really matter if they do or don’t.

Oh, one thing that was revealed in a stream but with no real indication of how it works is a new keyword: Sacrifice. Given the theme of the movies, it seems fitting!

Thanks to Bageltop Games for keeping the What We Know thread on BGG updated with this stuff.

He also indicated the following from earlier streams:

– 4 out of 5 Hero sets will use Sacrifice
Sacrifice will often be paired with Phasing

I can’t imagine Iron Man and Black Widow wouldn’t be two of the Heroes, given that, though Black Widow did just get her own set so maybe not?

Anyway, stay tuned for more news throughout the year.

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