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Unmatched: Digital Edition gets full release date with DLC timeline

(Edit: 2/28/23) – It’s out! I’ll be buying it when I get home so that I can play on my iPad and will definitely be checking out the season pass. Check out the review of the Early Access version to get an idea of… Continue Reading “Unmatched: Digital Edition gets full release date with DLC timeline”

App Review – Early Access – Unmatched: Battle of Legends

(Edit: 3/2/23: And now it’s out of Early Access and also available on iOS and Android! Along with the season pass or the first DLC, whichever you prefer.) One of the biggest 2-player game systems right now seems to be the Unmatched series by… Continue Reading “App Review – Early Access – Unmatched: Battle of Legends”

Ascension Tactics on Kickstarter

Usual readers of this blog (Hi Bob!) might remember that I’m a big fan of theĀ Ascension franchise. I love this deckbuilding game to death, though I’m more of a fan of it on the iPad than I am on the table (all of that… Continue Reading “Ascension Tactics on Kickstarter”

Tiny Epic Tactics Announced – Kickstarter February 19

Gamelyn Games has been putting out Tiny Epic games consistently for the past few years. Funnily enough, the only one I’ve played is Tiny Epic Galaxies (most recently with theĀ  Beyond the Black expansion), but I’ve heard good things about the other ones. Today,… Continue Reading “Tiny Epic Tactics Announced – Kickstarter February 19”