February 2023 Gaming

February was a weird month for gaming. I missed on Sunday Funday because of doing a math trade (where I traded 17 games for a bunch of money and 5 other games!) and then I was on vacation for a week so we didn’t play any games at work.

Plus, snow kept us home from another Sunday Funday.

Even so, I managed to play 16 games in February, which isn’t too bad!

I’ll talk about the “new to me” games in an upcoming post (hopefully Monday or Tuesday!), but let’s just talk a little bit about the other games.

First, I did get my monthly Combat Commander ladder game in, a game which I finally won!

That’s a given, though, considering it would take something truly dreadful to happen for me not to get that in.

It was nice to get another play of Commands & Colors: Ancients in with my co-worker before we had to pack the game up so it wasn’t filling my work table.

I do have to work sometimes!

I haven’t played Hanamikoji for quite a while, but when I wanted to get the new game, Hanamikoji: Geisha’s Road in, I wanted to refresh my memory of that game first.

It took all of 10 minutes, so I guess you could say we were out of practice!

This game of trying to influence geishas with items, where two of your four actions are of the “I split, you choose” variety, really is good and so fast as well!

I don’t think most games take 10 minutes, but the fact that it’s even possible is actually quite cool.

One of these days, I do need to do a review of Subastral. I’ve played it enough times now that I really should.

It’s a great option when you have 5 people around. There aren’t that many great 5-player games out and this one really fits the bill.

I haven’t played it in a little while so it was nice to get it to the table again.

Finally, I never say no to a good Shards of Infinity game. I love that game so much.

It’s a great 2-player lunch time game. I just wish the app would get the expansions!

They are so good too.

Finally, it was good to get another Charioteer game in, especially with somebody who was kind of skeptical.

The race turned into a photo finish game where I was one space ahead of him and just barely crossed the finish line!

I’m yellow

He seemed to enjoy it.

Or at least I hope he did.

More to come next week with the “new to me” post, but I hope you see some stuff here that you would like to play.

What did you play in February?

Let me know in the comments.

4 Comments on “February 2023 Gaming

    • Oh no! That means I have to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Seriously, though. Thank you for stopping by and I will have to get that done soon. Glad to know that somebody is looking for it.


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