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Roll for the Galaxy – App Beta First Impressions

A while back,  I reported that Temple Gates, developer of the wonderful Race for the Galaxy and Shards of Infinity apps (the latter of which a review is coming soon!), was going to be rolling out the beta for the app version of Roll for the Galaxy,… Continue Reading “Roll for the Galaxy – App Beta First Impressions”

Wingspan Digital App on Steam – Beta Impressions

Wingspan is one of the more popular games out there right at the moment, with it arriving in January 2019 by sitting on a wire and crapping onto a whole bunch of tables. No, sorry, that’s taking the bird metaphor a bit too far.… Continue Reading “Wingspan Digital App on Steam – Beta Impressions”

Sagrada App – Early Access on Steam – First Look

(Edit 3/31/20) – Sagrada is now out on full release, iOS & Android! It’s $9.99 CDN for me, so maybe $7.99 US? Not sure. It requires you to be in Portrait mode, which I guess makes sense.  Here’s hoping that notifications work on the mobile… Continue Reading “Sagrada App – Early Access on Steam – First Look”

Preview – Dead Reckoning

John D. Clair is one of my favourite designers, and I find the “card-crafting” game mechanic to be very neat. Space Base is #16 in my best games played of all time list and its position is well-deserved (even though it’s not a card-crafting… Continue Reading “Preview – Dead Reckoning”

Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of the Artisans Looks Seriously Cool

It’s no secret that Architects of the West Kingdom is a fantastic game. It’s my #4 game played of all time! Designed by Shem Phillips and S J MacDonald and published by both Garphill Games and Renegade Game Studios, this wonderful worker-placement game about… Continue Reading “Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of the Artisans Looks Seriously Cool”

Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Card Previews

What better way to get back into the “hey, this blog isn’t just about reviews” mode than to talk about a new expansion for one of my favourite games? Terraforming Mars (published by Stronghold Games) easily made my Top 5 games played in 2017… Continue Reading “Terraforming Mars: Colonies – Card Previews”