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Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – #160-151

Another week, another “wow, I haven’t played many games” post. It’s almost like I’m failing as a “gamer”. Is that possible? Should I really feel bad that I haven’t played a bunch of games? Maybe, if I’m actually writing about them. Am I not… Continue Reading “Boardgame Geek Top 200 – Play or Played – #160-151”

Sagrada App – Early Access on Steam – First Look

(Edit 3/31/20) – Sagrada is now out on full release, iOS & Android! It’s $9.99 CDN for me, so maybe $7.99 US? Not sure. It requires you to be in Portrait mode, which I guess makes sense.  Here’s hoping that notifications work on the mobile… Continue Reading “Sagrada App – Early Access on Steam – First Look”

Big News from Dire Wolf Digital Games – Trailers!

There’s just too much to put into a headline! Previously, Dire Wolf Digital had announced a number of games that they would be putting into digital form over the next year or so. The first of those games was just released on July 30.… Continue Reading “Big News from Dire Wolf Digital Games – Trailers!”

Review: Sagrada

Stained glass windows are beautiful things to look at. No matter what you think of a church’s architecture, the stained glass is usually one of the main attractions and draws your eye to them. You know what else draws your eye? Beautiful boardgames! (Editor:… Continue Reading “Review: Sagrada”

New to Me – March 2018

I’m tired. It’s been a busy month of playing new games! So I’ve definitely enjoyed it. But I’m tired. If I hadn’t been writing this post as I played the games, I’m not sure if it would have come out. This is a long one.… Continue Reading “New to Me – March 2018”

The Many Uses of Dice in Games

Many of us love dice. We love to chuck them on the table, sometimes so hard that half of them roll off of it and onto the floor, making the cat sit up and take notice. But sometimes, dice aren’t just for rolling. Sometimes… Continue Reading “The Many Uses of Dice in Games”