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FFG Announces Fallout Shelter: the Board Game

I’ve been a big fan of the Fallout video game series since Fallout 3 all those many years ago (I missed the buzz when the first two came out). I love the series so much that I was really happy to hear about the… Continue Reading “FFG Announces Fallout Shelter: the Board Game”

New Expansion for Fallout: the Boardgame Coming

What, it’s July 13 and I haven’t posted anything in July yet? My apologies for my tardiness. How about some Fallout news? I played the base Fallout boardgame at the Terminal City Tabletop Convention back in March, and it was a fun game. Went… Continue Reading “New Expansion for Fallout: the Boardgame Coming”

New to Me – March 2018

I’m tired. It’s been a busy month of playing new games! So I’ve definitely enjoyed it. But I’m tired. If I hadn’t been writing this post as I played the games, I’m not sure if it would have come out. This is a┬álong one.… Continue Reading “New to Me – March 2018”

Fallout: the Boardgame Coming in late 2017

Video games and board games have often had a bit of cross over (though I’m waiting for the First-Person Shooter version of Catan, myself). Titles like XCom: the Board Game come to mind as games based on video game franchises that actually end up… Continue Reading “Fallout: the Boardgame Coming in late 2017”