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Birthday Post – 4 Games I’m Looking Forward To

It’s my birthday! Yes, I’m turning the big 49 today, and in celebration, I’m going to tell you the 49 games I’m really anticipating over the next few months. Ok, no. I’m not that much of a masochist. Instead, the number 4 is part… Continue Reading “Birthday Post – 4 Games I’m Looking Forward To”

Preview Playthroughs Harming a Game?

Ok, it’s Friday night and I’ve had a bit to drink, so I thought I would opine on something that I’ve seen over the last couple of days (hopefully in a non-offensive manner). I watched the Dice Tower “Testing Tuesday” playthrough of¬†Abomination: The Heir… Continue Reading “Preview Playthroughs Harming a Game?”

Abomination: the Heir of Frankenstein Coming from Plaid Hat Games

Hey! I see you over there, enjoying your Friday and knowing that the weekend is just around the corner. How about I add a bit of horror to your celebratory Friday? No, not an 8 x 10 picture of me. I’m not that mean… Continue Reading “Abomination: the Heir of Frankenstein Coming from Plaid Hat Games”