The Last Hundred Yards (Volume 2) – Airborne Over Europe – Storage Solution With Rails on Boards

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Ummm…or maybe not.

Anyway, after extolling the virtues of the various wargame storage solutions from Rails on Boards (Cube4Me), and even putting together one of my own, it’s time to show you another one that I put together with the trays they provided me.

Thanks, guys!

I’ve owned The Last Hundred Yards (Volume 2): Airborne Over Europe for quite a while now though I haven’t been able to play it yet.

The game was designed by Mike Denson and published by GMT Games in 2020.

After looking through what was left of the counter trays that Rails on Boards sent to me, and realizing that I have a distinct shortage of card deck trays, I thought about it and realized that I had the perfect solution: one of the few games I have that doesn’t have cards!

It worked out even more perfectly than I could even imagine.

Let’s take a look.

This set is very simple, just using two of the 20-compartment, 15 mm depth trays (one with a lid).

This was my box with all of the baggies in it.

Each bag was divided into paratroopers and regular troops, armour and guns, and then there were a ton of information markers as well in various baggies.

The cool thing about these Cube4Me trays is that they slide together, one on top of the other, making them much more compact.

However, that means that the lower trays can’t have quite as many counters (or they can’t be as deep, anyway) as the top tray with the lid.

Naturally, that means that, for this setup, the Germans have to go in the bottom tray.

They have fewer units, meaning that they take up fewer trays. Essentially, each compartment can hold two platoons (four counters deep in four stacks, the platoon is the number in blue or red at the bottom center of the counter).

The light blue company (consisting of three platoons) is in the second row from the bottom, and also holds their respective machine gun (MG) and Light Anti-Tank Weapon (LATW) units. The light grey MGs and LATWs are in their own tray above the German guns. Armor and vehicles are also in their own trays.

Then of course you have all of the various Fire Attack DRM (red, yellow and green) counters. There are a lot!

Finally there are the action counters, smoke/regroup counters, and other markers like that.

The top tray will have a lid on it instead of another tray, so you can fit more into the compartments.

The US forces take advantage of that.

Each compartment fits an entire company (all three platoons).

The various guns, armour, vehicles, and MG/LATW counters also get their own compartments.

Then we have the mines/wire, assault markers, concealment markers, and things like that.

The dice also have to go into two of these compartments.

There’s no way that you’re getting even a little bag of dice into this box without lid lift.

There are two compartments that may not need to be used by everybody, though.

The Last Hundred Yards: Airborne Over Europe also came with some replacement counters for volume 1, which I don’t have.

I will be getting it soon, though the reprint is supposed to already have all of those counters corrected, so we’ll see what happens.

I’m not even 100% sure that all of these counters are for the first volume!

Since I had two extra compartments, I just piled them in there.

You may be able to split some of the other counters up if you don’t need those two compartments for anything else.

Everything fits snugly into the box on top of all the map sheets and player aids. Just make sure to remove the paper maps if you received both the paper ones and the cardstock ones (which were supposed to replace the paper ones sent by mistake, but I think they just included both rather than taking the paper ones out).

And look, no lid lift!

That’s some tight stuff that packs together really neatly.

I have two more deep trays left and I also have The Last Hundred Yards (Volume 3): The Solomon Islands on my shelf.

I also have the first volume coming.

Both may have a different amount of counters. It’s unclear right now.

Or maybe I’ll use these along with my remaining card trays for some other game.

Either way, keep an eye out for more to come.

And if you like this game, why not give the trays a try?

Let me know how it works, and how much you like the game!

Because as I said, I haven’t played it yet.

Many thanks to Rails on Boards for the free trays to play around with.

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