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Friday Night Shots – Negativity in Response to Reviews

Welcome to the first in what may be a series (or at least a semi-series) of Friday night posts that are at least partially inspired by Canadian Club whiskey (that we tend to drink on Friday nights). Tonight’s topic is the idea of negativity… Continue Reading “Friday Night Shots – Negativity in Response to Reviews”

Why I Won’t be Buying Mobile Terraforming Mars

(Edit 8/5/21): Somebody pointed out that this post is on the first page when you Google “Asmodee Terraforming Mars bugs iOS. Woo! I’ve arrived! And I just realized that I haven’t updated the post in a while, so let me do that here. Notifications… Continue Reading “Why I Won’t be Buying Mobile Terraforming Mars”

Deciding on Buying a Game – Crystal Palace

One of the things about us gamers are that, yes I know it may sound strange to you, we all like to buy games. Some much more than others!¬† But even those who are successful in curbing their game buying (or acquiring them in… Continue Reading “Deciding on Buying a Game – Crystal Palace”

Birthday Post – 4 Games I’m Looking Forward To

It’s my birthday! Yes, I’m turning the big 49 today, and in celebration, I’m going to tell you the 49 games I’m really anticipating over the next few months. Ok, no. I’m not that much of a masochist. Instead, the number 4 is part… Continue Reading “Birthday Post – 4 Games I’m Looking Forward To”

Preview Playthroughs Harming a Game?

Ok, it’s Friday night and I’ve had a bit to drink, so I thought I would opine on something that I’ve seen over the last couple of days (hopefully in a non-offensive manner). I watched the Dice Tower “Testing Tuesday” playthrough of¬†Abomination: The Heir… Continue Reading “Preview Playthroughs Harming a Game?”

Lorenzo Il Magnifico Digital on Kickstarter Now

One of the popular games in the last couple of years has been Lorenzo Il Magnifico, a game about, well, an Italian guy named Lorenzo in Renaissance Italy. (Amazing how that works). The game, designed by Flaminia Brasini, Virginio Gigli, and Simone Luciani, came… Continue Reading “Lorenzo Il Magnifico Digital on Kickstarter Now”

An Open Letter to Stronghold Games

(Edit: A resolution has been reached!) (Original post below) It’s all over. For now. Yesterday, Stronghold Games pulled the Kickstarter for the new Aftershock game after it had fully funded. According to company president Stephen Buonocore, this was because: “the Deluxe Edition upgrades (and… Continue Reading “An Open Letter to Stronghold Games”

Stronghold Games Continuing Aftershock Twitter Tantrum

(Edit: The Aftershock Kickstarter campaign has been cancelled. Apparently due to the quiet response to some of the “deluxe” things they were offering. Nothing about this controversy, but I thought I would update you on that part at least.) (2nd Edit: I’ve since posted… Continue Reading “Stronghold Games Continuing Aftershock Twitter Tantrum”

Boardgame Apps – Asynchronous Play Revisited

I’m a big fan of boardgame apps, either on mobile or on Steam. I love being able to play Ascension with buddies from all over the country and the world. For the most part, to do that requires asynchronous online multiplayer because it is… Continue Reading “Boardgame Apps – Asynchronous Play Revisited”

No Points at the End of Game – Pointless?

I know, I know. I haven’t posted in a month and I start with a bad pun. I’m still getting back in the swing of things. In order to do that, I have a question for you. One of my favourite games right now… Continue Reading “No Points at the End of Game – Pointless?”